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Good dog training is as much an art as it is a science.

This blog is about forging a healthy relationship with your dog.  It is about helping your dog become a stable, willing, optimistic, connected volunteer and true friend.  When we train in the context of a great partnership, dogs work harder, are less stressed, and are much more forgiving and flexible.  When we approach training with the nature of the dog in mind, we can put our relationship with our dog on a fast track to success.  When we help a dog develop social awareness, social agility, bounce back, confidence in problem solving, and optimism, they become ready, willing, and able to tackle life with us….good (and even GREAT) behavior and performances follow.  These things lay a solid foundation for whatever the future might hold for you and your dog.

This blog is dog training reprioritized.  Many dogs can sit, lie down, stay, come, do tricks, run agility courses, etc.  Despite their understanding and consistent performance of many verbal cues, many of these dogs still have issues.  Understanding healthy relationships, the nature of the dog, and how to help your dog develop life skills can truly change your lives.  Your dog can be happier and healthier….better able to handle stress and better equipped to successfully navigate the human world we expect it to live in.

For me, obedience has never been a priority.  That`s not to say that I don`t want a dog that is attentive, listens well, and performs like a rock star.  Quite the contrary actually, simple compliance to commands is not enough for me.  It`s not why I choose to share my life with animals and pour my time, energy, and money into caring for them.  I want a partnership, a friend I can count on, a partner that looks forward to the time we spend together.  One that is comfortable in its own skin around me, one that can revel in their God-given abilities, one that will reveal its talents, one that is willing to try for me, one that will go out of its way for me, one that will go above and beyond for me, one that accepts, loves, and listens to me despite all of my quirks and imperfections and all of the ridiculous things I may ask of it.

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If you want your dog to become a better pet and/or a better all-around performer, this blog can be your guide.  If you want a better understanding of dog behavior and training, this blog can take you to a whole new level.  It can help you turn your good friend (the dog) into one of your best friends on the planet.  I hope you enjoy reading it!

Comments, questions, content related pics, videos, or personal stories??  Please post them!

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  2. Audrey

    I’m so happy. Thank you Thank you Thank you! :) Now to try to get it to ALL sink in forever… Keep it coming Carson! All my dogs thank you too. We are your biggest fans!

  3. Charlene DeWitt

    Thank you, Jen, for publishing this blog. Your insight is invaluable and I look forward to learning more. Not the typical approach to sit, stay, come … Much more meaningful.

  4. carolinecountymusic.com

    “Dog in Balance – the dog training blog that can help you and yours” was a marvelous article, cannot wait to look at even more of your articles.
    Time to waste some time online lolz. Thank you -Dianne

  5. VAS

    I know first hand about what a difference it makes to understand my dog and to create a relationship with him – because you have taught me! While he is learning about everything, I am learning him. Your philosophy cannot miss, I’ve seen it and I believe it. With so much gratitude, always.

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