About Jen

This website is created and written by Jen Dean, who lives in North Georgia with her three young children, amazing husband and assorted pets. Here’s a little about the person behind this site.

From the time Jen was a small child, she would spend every moment possible with animals. She started riding lessons at a ridiculously early age, became a working student at age 9, and started teaching lessons to people of all ages and training horses as a pre-teen. She went on to college at Virginia Tech, where she graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Animal Science, and a minor in Psychology.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Jen worked for a multinational company training dogs in explosives detection. She also consulted with the EPA, training dogs to detect bio-pollutants. Jen opened her own business as a dog trainer in 2000, and has led many classes and helped clients from all over North Georgia, including former Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner and his dog. Her passion is to bring dog and owner in balance / harmony, so that they can have the best relationship possible. She continues working with canines, currently doing one on one training consultation, assisting rescue services to make successful placements, and service dog coaching.


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Jen has two Australian shepherds, Tide and Goose. Goose is quite an athlete, and, with Jen’s help, has done remarkably well in agility, flyball, and herding.



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Jen keeps Sunny, a Haflinger draft pony, on the nearby family farm. Sunny loves liberty work, pulling a cart, and trail riding. She dutifully does the bulk of child transport (pony rides) on the farm. Jen also trains a mammoth donkey, Nellie Bly, and a mini-donkey, Chocolate Chip on that same farm.



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Chocolate Chip, the mini donkey

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Nellie Bly, the mammoth donk

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