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In nature, group members are free to leave.  Why then do they stay together?  They stay because they are compelled to bond.  Instinct drives them to seek out company.  To be with others.  The bond is forged in moments of peace, miles of travel, and moments of group stress where together they survive and succeed.  Group stressors lead to more moments of peace together.  Acceptance.  Safety.  Comfort.  Endorphins.

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The power of a good PAUSE

42313 075 300x200 The power of a good PAUSE

Your actions speak louder than any of your words ever will.

What is a good “pause”?

A good pause is time spent enjoying the moment with the company you are in….not watching, not pining for some intimate moment, not judging, not  evaluating, not planning your next move/request (or the rest of your day for that matter). Continue reading

Saying Hello

moses1 300x258 Saying HelloFirst impressions can have a huge impact on what follows (how the interaction plays out).  With dogs, social greetings are very ritualized.  A good “hello” can disarm and charm even the most unlikely of characters.  It can set the stage for future interactions.  You don’t have to teach a dog to understand this “hello” greeting.  By design (by nature) dogs just understand it.  It’s part of their hard wiring.  By being aware of and taking part in this ritualized behavior, you can fast track the building of trust. Continue reading


Goose sit up 199x300 Believe

BELIEVE.  Accept and love the dog for who it is in any given moment, but believe in the great things it is capable of….now and in the more distant future.

Bringing out the best in an animal requires finesse and the building of confidence.  In my experience, most people have no idea of what their dog is capable of doing or becoming.  They settle for what they see in front of them.   Continue reading

For the LOVE of the DOG

41113 041 copy 300x235 For the LOVE of the DOG

Do you love your dog?  Do you like your dog?  Do you laugh out loud at its ridiculous preferences and some of the hilarious things it does?  Sometimes, when we live with a dog (especially if that dog has a few tendencies that make for more work for us or embarrassing moments when we’re out about) it’s easy to focus and dwell on all of the character traits that are….well….missing. Continue reading