Frequently Asked Questions….


Q:  Where are all the articles?

A:  On most screens, they are listed on the side bar.  If you are viewing this site with a small mobile device (like your phone), they will be listed at the bottom of every page.


Q:  What article should I start with?

A:  You’ll get the most out of this blog if you start at the beginning.


Q:  Why did you start this blog?

A:  I felt compelled to.  It is my hope that this blog will help people to better understand their dogs and to feel empowered to help their dogs plug in and become more in balance….better companions and better partners in performance.  This blog covers a lot of little things that can make a big difference in the life of a dog and its owners.  These things are uncomplicated and rarely taught or covered in dog training classes.


Q:  I already have a training plan for the things I want to teach my dog.  Do I need to postpone that training while I work on the things in this blog?

A:  No…train away!  While you are training, you can incorporate the things you’ll find in this blog to help build or improve the foundation for whatever the future holds for you and your dog….improving your relationship and your dog’s performance.  It will also teach you how to help your dog be less stressed and better equipped to successfully navigate life with you.


Q:  I have had my dog for years.  Can I really make a difference with this dog?  …or should I start working on this with my next dog?

A:  You can absolutely make a difference and improve things with a dog you’ve had for years.   Relationships with dogs are maintained through many subtle everyday displays and exchanges of behavior.  They are not static.  To effect change with a dog you’ve had for years, change the way these everyday displays and exchanges of behavior play out between you and your dog.  Give it a try….be consistent and give your dog plenty of time to adjust to life with the new you.  You will be pleasantly surprised.


Q:  I have questions…how can I ask them?

A:  If your question is specifically related to a post, please ask it in the comment section that follows that post so that others may benefit from our exchange.  If you want to be alerted when I respond, be sure to check the box next to “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” at the bottom of the page.  If you have a question or topic you’d like to see me cover in a future blog post, send it in via the contact form.


Q:  If I give you constructive criticism, will you listen?

A:  If you have insight that would help to improve this blog, please feel free to clue me in via the contact form!