For the LOVE of the DOG

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Do you love your dog?  Do you like your dog?  Do you laugh out loud at its ridiculous preferences and some of the hilarious things it does?  Sometimes, when we live with a dog (especially if that dog has a few tendencies that make for more work for us or embarrassing moments when we’re out about) it’s easy to focus and dwell on all of the character traits that are….well….missing.  We long for the dog to behave like the dream dog.  …..maybe a dog we’ve met.  …..maybe a dog we’ve owned in the past.  These easy dogs are typically socially agile, easy going, and seem intuitive.   They make training easy, efficient, and sometimes even unnecessary.

Dogs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Their personalities and temperaments vary.  From high energy to lazy….from super sensitive to insensitive….from reactive to unphased by most things…..from introverted to extroverted….from playful to serious….from independent to needy.

Many of the dream dogs you see out in the world at large are that way because their owners have worked hard to develop those character traits.  Others have become street smart and socially savvy from a life full of a wide range of interactions.  Some may behave that way because of their temperament or even because they are physically limited.

When you look for the good in your dog, you will find it.  Love your dog….look past the imperfections and unwanted behavior….love unconditionally.  Believe and invest in the greatness inside them.  You can accomplish many things with persistence and good training.  You can develop character traits, change feelings, build good habits, and inspire outstanding performances.  You can help them become more intuitive members of your group, your community.  You can help your dog reach its fullest potential.  It all starts with the love of the dog….your dog.


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