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Training for awareness of personal space

Chance4 300x184 Training for awareness of personal space

In the post The dog’s approach you learned how to improve the way your dog presents itself to you.  Next we need to teach the dog to move out of our space.  This may sound like a silly thing to teach, but our body language is inherently different than that of another species (in this case, the dog), and you need to be understood to be effective. Continue reading

The dog’s approach

LittleBit2 241x300 The dogs approach

When a dog approaches us, the roles are reversed.  We get to decide and dictate what is appropriate and acceptable.  Space should be important to us.  However, this is where things get convoluted.  It’s easy to come up with reasons to always let the dog barge right in.  Maybe you want the dog to like or love you.  It’s easier.  Maybe you want the dog to be extra drivey (run hard and fast, tug like a fiend, and drive into you) to build drive, teach tight turns, and maximize their performance in dog sports.  Listen to me now and hear me later…. Continue reading


IMG 2846 200x300 Space is IMPORTANT

Animals occupy space in a very deliberate way.  This view affects what and how they choose to approach as well as how they respond when they are approached.  This can be a hard concept to wrap your head around.  When you “get it,” your success with dogs in general (not just your dog) will dramatically improve.  You’ll be better able to charm, disarm, and win over a wide range of canine personalities. Continue reading