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Changing the broadcast

tidepuppy 300x289 Changing the broadcast

Now that you understand a bit about the concept of space and dogs, why it is important, and how it impacts how interactions and relationships unfold, let’s talk about what we can do to improve things with our furry friends….to disarm them, to help them have a more open broadcast, to help them become more optimistic about future approaches by us and others. Continue reading


IMG 2846 200x300 Space is IMPORTANT

Animals occupy space in a very deliberate way.  This view affects what and how they choose to approach as well as how they respond when they are approached.  This can be a hard concept to wrap your head around.  When you “get it,” your success with dogs in general (not just your dog) will dramatically improve.  You’ll be better able to charm, disarm, and win over a wide range of canine personalities. Continue reading