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Considering feelings

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Even the most timid and insecure animal can flourish given enough time and the right circumstances (especially when a strong bond with good leadership is in play).  It all begins with love, understanding, and putting a bit of thought into how we prepare our dogs for and introduce our dogs to elements of the world we want and expect it to function in.  Animals need an opportunity to access and process new environments and input without adrenaline coursing through their system.   Continue reading

Intense Feelings

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Understanding intense feelings.

Intense feelings come with a veritable flood of neurochemicals (primarily, cortisol and adrenaline) associated with stress and the fight or flight response animals experience when they are afraid.  Most of the aggression we see in dogs is fear- or insecurity-based.  Dogs (and most animals) view the world in terms of safe, potentially unsafe, and unsafe.  When a dog feels unsafe and afraid, an increase-distance alarm goes off inside (fight or flight).  With this comes a flood of neurochemicals associated with this emotional response and distress.   Continue reading


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Feelings are important.

Life in general would be much easier if feelings weren’t such a major influence in how our day to day lives play out.  They drive people (and animals) to action.  Never underestimate the power of emotions.  Feelings and emotions have driven people to suicide, to monumental sacrifice, to re-prioritize their life, to make incredibly poor choices and bold good choices, to stand up for what they believe in.  Feelings are often the unconscious forces driving behavior. Continue reading