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Leaders and Etiquette

shadow 300x173 Leaders and Etiquette

In the last post (Lead) we looked at group dynamics and some of the character traits that make for a great leader.  Now let’s look at how a good leader helps a group function more like a community.  If a leader’s actions aren’t about competing for resources, what are they about?

In order for a leader to be able to lead a group effectively and efficiently (which is what keeps the group safe), group members must be responsible for two things. Continue reading


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When it comes to dogs, it is common to hear people speak of dominance….a dominant dog, a dominance problem, maybe they have been told that they need to be the dominant one in the household, pack, or their relationship with a dog.  Often people think of dominance when what they need to focus on is leadership.  These two terms are not the same.  They are not interchangeable.  Dominant does not mean leader. Continue reading