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Bounce Back

innocent 201x300 Bounce Back

As we introduce a dog or puppy to the world we expect it to function in, we want to send the message that life with us is good.  You (the dog) are safe.  What may seem a bit weird and unsettling is not a threat.  To do this we must log (have the dog or puppy go through/experience) as many positive experiences as we can.  In doing this, we will inevitably encounter things and situations that push the dog out of its comfort zone and elicit a fear response.  How we handle these situations will have a big impact on the how the dog will handle stressful situations in the future.  Experiences can make or break a dog. Continue reading

Problem Solving

Many companion animals are catered to in their day to day living.  Owners promptly alleviate what stress they can as soon as they can.  Gratification is instant.  What happens then when an animal’s sum of life experiences are such that it has received what it wanted when it wanted doesn’t get its way?  What happens when direct access (I see….I want it….I go straight to it and get it….if that doesn’t work my owner/well trained staff steps in and helps me get it) doesn’t work for this dog?   Continue reading


Grace5 copywriteVAS 300x199 Feelings

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Feelings are important.

Life in general would be much easier if feelings weren’t such a major influence in how our day to day lives play out.  They drive people (and animals) to action.  Never underestimate the power of emotions.  Feelings and emotions have driven people to suicide, to monumental sacrifice, to re-prioritize their life, to make incredibly poor choices and bold good choices, to stand up for what they believe in.  Feelings are often the unconscious forces driving behavior. Continue reading